Friday, August 17, 2007

Future Plans

Despite reports alleging that she refused to sign a contract to appear in the last two Potter installments, her commitment to the final two films was confirmed in late March 2007 by Warner Brothers. She said, "I could never let [the role of] Hermione go — she is my hero! I love her too much and love what playing her has meant to me. I am excited and honoured to be finishing what I started and playing her in all seven of the films."[3] Later, she explained that people underestimated the scope of this decision, as she was aware that filming would therefore dominate her life for the next three to four years, but in the end "the pluses outweighed the minuses."[23]

On July 19, 2007, Watson announced her involvement in her first non-Harry Potter project, The Tale of Despereaux, an animated film to be released in 2008. She will voice the character of Princess Pea.[25] In August, it was announced that she would also star in the BBC's adaptation of Ballet Shoes.[26] She will play Pauline Fossil,[27] the eldest of the three Fossil sisters around whom the story revolves; the role which will require Emma to bleach her hair white-blonde.[28]

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