Friday, August 17, 2007

Professional Relationships

Over the years, Watson has stated that she has formed a strong platonic bond with fellow Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. She described it as an "unique support system" because "you can’t really explain to someone [other than Radcliffe and Grint] what this experience is like",[23] and whilst Radcliffe and Grint used to tease her when they were younger, they are now protective of their female colleague. Watson also maintains that there were never any romantic feelings involved.[23] Asked how she copes with her success and fame, Watson also credited her family as a source of support.[23]

In an interview with German broadsheet newspaper Die Welt (2007), Watson also addressed how awkward she felt having to kiss Grint's character in the next movies. Despite being a Hermione-Ron-shipper herself,[17][20] she said she "would rather not think about it [the kissing] now", and added that Grint was "very nice" and "many girls like him", but that he was definitely not Watson's type.[11] In addition, commenting on Radcliffe's widely publicised nude scenes in the theatre piece Equus, she not did categorically rule out nude scenes herself, but immediately said that "you will never see me naked without any reason".[11]

Beyond her peers Radcliffe and Grint, Watson also takes pride in having good relationships to the adult Harry Potter actors, like Helena Bonham Carter (plays villain Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films), who was "so much fun", Emma Thompson (Divination teacher Sybill Trelawney) and Maggie Smith (Transfiguration teacher Minerva McGonagall) "who always gives me chocolates at Christmas", and Robbie Coltrane (gamekeeper Hagrid), who "is always telling us completely dirty and inappropriate jokes that we are far too young to be hearing, but we love, of course" and ended that in the end, every Harry Potter actor is "a bit of a family for us as well".

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